1. Purpose 

This AI USE POLICY ("AI POLICY")  aims to establish guidelines and best practices for the responsible and secure use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) within Flipsnack. Generative AI refers to technology that can generate human-like text, images, or other media content using AI algorithms. 

*Please note that capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the same meaning outlined in our Terms of Service.

2. Scope

Using our generative AI features ("AI features") is subject to compliance with specific license terms determined by the utilized generative AI models.

All users, including customers, partners, and affiliates, who access generative AI technologies or employ generative AI tools or platforms associated with our organization must adhere to and comply with our Policy.

3. Acceptable Use

You acknowledge and agree not to utilize AI capabilities to produce, upload, or distribute abusive, unlawful, or confidential material, as outlined in our Terms of Service and the following guidelines.

You take responsibility for all text, images, or other content you input into AI Products (Input) and any resulting material generated, such as text or pictures (Output). You are responsible for ensuring that both your Input and Output adhere to these terms and our Terms of Service before usage or sharing.

You commit to refraining from including any information or images that generate pornographic material, explicit nudity, or content related to sexual abuse or exploitation. Furthermore, you agree not to create misleading, deceptive, fraudulent, or demonstrably false content with the intent to harm others or generate or disseminate personally identifiable information breaching any applicable privacy or data protection law. Additionally, you will refrain from engaging in fully automated decision-making that adversely impacts an individual's legal rights or establishes enforceable obligations.

Furthermore, you are prohibited from providing medical advice or any content pertaining to the treatment, prevention, diagnosis, or transmission of diseases using the AI features. It is essential to exercise caution and avoid generating content that could potentially cause harm or mislead users regarding health-related matters

4. Intellectual Property Rights

Users must respect and protect intellectual property rights, both internally and externally. The unauthorized use of copyrighted material or the creation of content that infringes on the intellectual property of others is strictly prohibited.

 5. Users Protection

Our platform is committed to fostering a safe and respectful environment for all users, and any violation of these guidelines may result in immediate action, including the removal of offending content and/ or account suspension.

Moreover, users are encouraged to report any instances of inappropriate or concerning content to our moderation team for review and action here. We value transparency and accountability in maintaining the integrity of our platform and ensuring a positive user experience for all. 

If at any time you believe someone has violated this AI Policy, you may also contact us at

6. Disclaimer

The AI-generated content produced through Flipsnack's AI Features is solely the result of artificial intelligence algorithms. Flipsnack does not provide any warranty or guarantee regarding the accuracy, completeness, fitness, or reliability of the Flipsnack AI Features. Consequently, Flipsnack does not assume any liability or responsibility for any consequences arising from the use of Flipsnack AI Features, including any omissions or errors contained therein. It is strongly advised that users seek professional and independent advice before acting upon any advice contained within the content or relying on its accuracy.

7. Policy Review 

Periodically, we might revise this AI Policy to align with our evolving practices concerning AI features. In the event of modifications to this AI Policy, we will specify the date of the latest revision at the beginning of this Policy.

We advise you to periodically review this page to stay informed about any alterations in this AI Policy.

 8. AI Policy Acknowledgement

By using Flipsnack AI features, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this AI Policy and agree to be bound by it.